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Applying for your own Game Forum Empty Applying for your own Game Forum

Post  Dingle on Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:42 am

Since I can see that some of you are beginning your own franchises, I think it's about time to introduce applications for game forums.
What this will do is create a board for people's personal games, so all their info threads and copypasta and character sheets will be tidily organized into a single sub-board.

The criteria for a game forum include:
-Must have finished at least 1 storyline. Keep proof!
-Must have at least 1 character sheet/contribution from 5 unique, active members.
-Game Master must be at least level 2 on the forums (100 posts.)
-Must have been registered on DTGC for at least a week.

Send all the proof and your desire for a game board to me via PM, and it will be decided.
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